While having the cooling system installed no one can forget about the cooling agent called the Freon. However, sometimes this agent might require refill, repair or it is not performing well. In this case, you will require the services of an expert that will manage all the issues. Thus, to help you out in this time of need TNS is here.


With TNS, you will get the following services related to TNS:

  • The disposal of the Freon
  • Reclamation of the cooling agent
  • Installation of the new Freon for better performance
  • Requalification of the Freon cylinders
  • Resourcing
  • Maintenance of the level of cooling agent in the cylinders

Why choose TNS

The top-notch services will be your best choice if you have to deal with the Freon whether it is for the commercial or the residential buildings. We have the expertise that will provide you with the best work. Apart from that, we have years of experience with which we will provide you with satisfied results.

The clients that have worked with us have appreciated our 24/7 services and the fact that we make sure to get the work done as quickly as possible with quality. This is the reason that they often recommend us further to others. Our affordable rates make us stand out from our competitors in the market.

A fact about TNS that you cannot ignore is that we provide one-stop-shop services. A platform where you can get solutions to all your cooling and heating systems related problems.

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